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Universal Hose Winder  

THE GNASS UNIVERSAL FIRE HOSE WINDER effectively winds up to 3" double jacket firehose into donut rolls, and also configures wildland hosepacks and contemporary high-rise packs built from 1", 1-1/2", & 2" diameter hoses.

This winder's unique belt drive system, possessing a two-to-one retrieval ratio, enables it to drag in heavy, large hoses with ease. Its adjustable handle allows the user to adjust winding leverage maximizing hose retrieval efficiency for any given hose. The roller/guide system directs the hose to the winding hub.

THE UNIVERSAL FIRE HOSE WINDER is supplied with a mounting bracket for permanent placement on a structure (station wall, hose tower, rack, etc.). This bracket enables the winder to be very securely mounted for use, and eliminates the need for a heavy stand. The winder can be swung out of the way for storage or easily carried to mount at an alternate location on another bracket. Additional brackets may be purchased for mounting the winder in multiple locations.

THE UNIVERSAL WINDER is a practical solution to daily firehose management. It makes the arduous job of rolling hose an efficient one person operation. The time required to build high-rise or wildland hosepacks is greatly reduced, and winding donut rolls after maintenance is almost fun! This winder is the simple and practical solution to daily station-hose winding operations.

Universal Winder:
Product -
FP-84700 - 45 lbs

Spare Wall Bracket Product -

Weather Cover Product -

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